Monthly Archives: December 2015

Emmanuel, thank God

imageWhat a lovely time to review my life, my goals and check to see if there have been changes within me and with my family. A consensus this year has a definite A+.  Isn’t God’s grace perfect?

Here’s a bullet list to save on words:

  • New church family
  • Hubby (aka-Tyler) retirement adjustment 1 year plus 4 months
  • New renters in house
  • Previous renter like daughter and added hubby and cute baby
  • Mom is still with us and adored, still mentally clear
  • Tyler’s Dad circled the sun 97 times before he went to heaven
  • Hearing aids for that deaf man I’ve been yelling at… Tyler

Hmm, looks like Tyler did tons of adjusting. I hadn’t really looked at it like this before. Better tell him how extraordinary he is to have weathered all this in such a short time.  My changes don’t show up in the bullet list 😕, that is because they were mostly internal affairs, core value thoughts, perceptional view of life and how I fit. That’s another topic.

I’m ever so thankful to be reminded of Jesus birth and the glorious, profound impact it has had on the world, my world, my life.

Emmanuel, my BFF.

Forever thankful to God. Praying that God is with you.