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Proverbs Wisdom

Proverbs 18:1 Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.(ESV)

HE who willfully separates and estranges himself [from God and man] seeks his own desire and pretext to break out against all wise and sound judgment. (AMP)

    Isolating removes us from the circle of support we have built. It is interesting about our support systems, there is a perceived support and an actual support. The perceived support is consistently linked to a better mental health where the received support and social integration is not. Invisible support is best.  Social support desired by provider has to match support given. This is called the matching hypothesis.

    Therefore, when I perceived that I had no support in friends, some family members, and church that I was desperately searching for and needing, I sought a counselor and immediately felt that someone would listen and care. During our sessions I discovered that I do have a good support system and always have had one, I just didn’t see it. I just knew no one was there for me and it definitely hurt my mental and physical health. My mental health is so very tied to my physical. Is your’s also? My mind can get so stressed, filled, convoluted and distorted that it makes me physically incapable of remaining healthy. I think part of this is relative to Lupus in remission, (thank you, Jesus), and undue stress strikes my body.

    When I searched online for support systems I found this information and decided that God must say something about it also. And this is when I found Proverbs 18:1. (when writing in diary of support systems I didn’t not list the online support link) That information was a real “Wow” for me, because I am very good at isolating and/or hibernating. Thinking I am doing myself and others a good service. After all, who wants to be around a grumpy, grumbling, pity party, bear of a person. Not to mention that I don’t speak nice, look nice or care! When I do isolate, I can look at self and realize that I am depressed about something or I am not listening to God.  He tells me things I don’t want to hear and when I ignore him it is harmful to myself. Will I ever realize that before hibernating or isolating? I hope so.

    I listed 2 columns; TODAY and FUTURE, I listed each of the people below into these categories;

Family members I am close to– My husband, Mom, Nicol, our renter missionary. We have a small family numerically.

Friends and/or acquaintances– Here I listed people I communicate well with and do not feel intimidated by in any way. I saw that most of them (8) were friends that I have had for 20 or more years. Do you ever feel like a shorter version of self? Like I am only 3 feet tall when I stand next to you and I feel like I am 10 maybe 15. I do feel this sometimes and it isn’t because they are 6 feet tall.

Professionals– Counselor, Medical doctor of 30 years, Pastor, supervisors in my volunteer jobs.

Others– I don’t know who these are. It is blank for now. Who would you place in others?

   In both columns the category people were similar except where I added a few that I would like to pursue because they have marked my life in a positive way. I found this exercise helpful because it enlarged my perception of my support system and I am sure it may not be complete. I at least know that one exists and feel better able to cope better mentally.

    Knowing that God doesn’t like isolation I am making efforts to remain social and open to share, versus Undercover Ostrich Attitude. I prefer to gain sound wisdom from my peers and professionals, than to hibernate.    

meerkat ostrich

Meerkat likes above ground HAPPY Ostrich!

http://bit.ly/16WhRNL    I like this idea.

office hibernating

office hibernating

Rejoice in the Lord, always and again, I say, REJOICE!!

    Romans 5:1-7 Rejoice, because of trials, they help us develop endurance, Endurance develops strength of character, character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. Hope will not lead to disappointment. 

Blessings, Marsha

Remain Strong in His Presence


2 Corinthians 4:8-9

“These words were spoken by the Apostle Paul, who suffered all those things for the cause of Christ. He never got over the fact that he had started out as a cruel persecutor of Jesus’ followers. All that changed when he met personally met Jesus while on the road to Damascus, intending to imprison Christians and have them put to death. When the post-crucifixion Jesus challenged him with the question, “Paul, Paul!! Why are you persecuting me?” Paul fell on his face and was a transformed man : the Missionary, and not the Persecutor. Paul suffered greatly by beatings, imprisonments, and finally death after he appealed his case to Caesar. But Paul had seen Heaven, so NOTHING but death could stop his tenacious work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles was last heard of when he was imprisoned in Rome and was reportedly beheaded for his faith in Jesus the Christ.”

Picture shared from ‘The Word Dwelling Among Us.’


This so caught my attention! I feel like he left very little out, if anything. I have read this several times and shared it with the ladies at our ‘Prayer and Devotion’ on Tuesday. I admit many of those listed are not things I have actually thought of as a sin.  Woe is me, ye of little faith, who needs more direction.

 Confession ~

The Greek word translated “confess” literally means to agree with God about your sin. You agree that your sin violates His holiness and hinders your relationship with Him, and you respond accordingly–by repenting of it and turning from it.

This is also a good point in your prayer time to reaffirm your desire to live fully within the scope of His will (Isa. 59:1-2; 1 John 1:9-10).

An unknown Puritan reflected the essence of confession in this insightful prayer:

Merciful Lord,

Pardon all my sins of this day, week, year,

all the sins of my life,

sins of early, middle, and advanced years,

of omission and commission,

of morose, peevish and angry tempers,

of lip, life and walk,

of hard-heartedness, unbelief, presumption, pride,

of unfaithfulness to the souls of men,

of want of bold decision in the cause of Christ,

of deficiency in outspoken zeal for His glory,

of bringing dishonor upon Thy great name,

of deception, injustice, untruthfulness

in my dealings with others,

of impurity in thought, word, and deed,

of covetousness, which is idolatry,

of substance unduly hoarded, improvidently squandered,

not consecrated to the glory of Thee, the Great Giver;

sins in private and in the family, in study and recreation, in the busy haunts of men,

in the study of Thy Word and in the neglect of it,

in prayer irreverently offered and coldly withheld,

in time misspent, in yielding to Satan’s wiles,

in opening my heart to his temptations,

in being unwatchful when I know him nigh,

in quenching the Holy Spirit;

sins against light and knowledge,

against conscience and the restraints of Thy Spirit,

against the law of eternal love.

Pardon all my sins, known and unknown, felt and unfelt,

confessed and not confessed, remembered and forgotten.

Good Lord, hear; and hearing, forgive.