I love Jesus, my rock, my strength, and ever present. My husband, Tyler, married me 35 years ago and we still love each other! That is a feat in and of it self. I wonder about lots of things as I wander through life.

I volunteer at the local Behrens-Eaton Museum once a week and help them with the computer projects they create.  Also, the  local library 3 times a month, teaching classes on beginning and intermediate internet, using IE and I help my friend, Tanya, teach Facebook. My all the time volunteer job is with Homes of Hope for Victims in Domestic Abuse. I am a mentor to one of our participants, helped create and start many programs that we use. Aside from all that volunteer time I always have time for Jesus and Tyler.

Things I like; to laugh, tell goofy jokes because no one expects the answer, butterflies, lavender-all colors and the smell, elephants, reading, hanging with the girls and crafting cards and scrapping. There’s more but I shan’t bore you.


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