I love Jesus, my rock, my strength, and ever present. My husband, Tyler, married me 40 years ago and we still love each other! We are relearning to communicate. Tyler has been retired 3 years and we are beginnning to do a bit of travel in our new, used Winnebago.

I wonder about lots of things as I wander through life. The world offers plenty of curiosities. My biggest interest is my relationship with Jesus, even though he is a king he is my savior, my brother, my everything.

Volunteering joys: The local Behrens-Eaton Museum once a week helping them with their computer projects.  The local library 2 times a month for 2 hours, teaching classes on how to use your smart phone. Androids one week, iPhone the next. I took a sabbatical from volunteering with Homes of Hope for Victims in Domestic Abuse for a year or so, but I am just now this year setting up to teach the mentoring program to some new volunteers coming in.  Aside from all that volunteer time I always have time for Jesus and Tyler.

Things I like; to laugh, tell goofy jokes because no one expects the answer, butterflies, lavender-all colors and the smell, elephants, reading, Bible study and visiting with friends. Praying. Not in that exact order…


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