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Remain Strong in His Presence


2 Corinthians 4:8-9

“These words were spoken by the Apostle Paul, who suffered all those things for the cause of Christ. He never got over the fact that he had started out as a cruel persecutor of Jesus’ followers. All that changed when he met personally met Jesus while on the road to Damascus, intending to imprison Christians and have them put to death. When the post-crucifixion Jesus challenged him with the question, “Paul, Paul!! Why are you persecuting me?” Paul fell on his face and was a transformed man : the Missionary, and not the Persecutor. Paul suffered greatly by beatings, imprisonments, and finally death after he appealed his case to Caesar. But Paul had seen Heaven, so NOTHING but death could stop his tenacious work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles was last heard of when he was imprisoned in Rome and was reportedly beheaded for his faith in Jesus the Christ.”

Picture shared from ‘The Word Dwelling Among Us.’

CHANGE!?? ha ha

Have you ever thought to ask God for a word for the year? I heard the guest speaker at a women’s event say she had asked for a word from God each year. So quietly in my mind I asked God what word would he give me for this year? I almost laughed out loud (which would have interrupted the speaker) because the word I heard was “CHANGE!”  Then I told God I didn’t think that was very funny actually, because I hate change! He laughed and said, “I know, that is why you need to work on it more.” I still think it is funny and makes me smile when I get stuck in an event or thought that is CHANGE!

If you read my blog; At the Throne with Strength & Joy-

I talk about being transformed in my brain!


At the Throne with Strength and Joy

This  Thursday morning, I woke up and immediately remembered how disappointed I was last night when the estate seller told me she couldn’t help me because I don’t have enough in the house to make it profitable for her!  I started crying again, remembering how daunting the task has appeared to me and that was not the solution either! Okay, Jesus, what am I to do, and how?

I was reminded, thank you, Holy Spirit, that I should think on those things that are noble, reputable, beautiful…Phillipians 4:8.

My favorite picture of God is Him sitting on his throne, all dressed in white  and his robe filling the room and the edge of his robe has a fluffy boa type edging. The room is filled with love and hope. And just like Esther I can seek my Lord at his throne because he loves me so completely. And there was Jesus sitting next to him smiling. I so wanted to have a happy day and change those dreary thoughts to blessings! I began to praise God for my most beautiful picture of heaven and that was right where I needed to be all day. I just crawled right up there and sat on daddy Abbas lap. Next thing I knew I was up off my bed singing, praising and hugging my puppies. 

The song I started singing is a funny song that comes to mind often because I’ve known it forever, well since I was a child in church.  “The Joy of the Lord is my Strength.”  The song isn’t funny, but the way I sing it it is! I sing the “strength of the Lord is my joy”and wonder why it sounds a bit off.  However, on this particular day it did make sense.  I was strengthened because I was expressing joy to the Lord and because of the Lord.  Haha, a new song. I got jazzed about that and sang louder, while getting ready to go out in the world and be dynamic with new thoughts, new vigor and blessings abounded toward me all day.  Not to mention that I kept reminding myself and God that this is a totally great way to remove those dang dark clouds!  

I am learning to transform old patterns and letting go of old thoughts I don’t need anymore.  I think I discovered that having Phillipians 4:8 written on my white board on the fridge and studying it as I work in there, that I can’t help but allow it to become a part of my thought patterns.  Thank You, Michael K. for pointing that verse out to me, not only to read but to meditate on.  

What a great day we had, Jesus and I sitting at the throne.



God’s Rich Mercy

My favorite book of the Bible (one of my favs). I appreciate what Dean share and wanted you to see it also. Blessings.


But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, he gave us life when he raised Christ from the dead. (It is only by God’s grace that you have been saved!) Ephesians 2:4-5 NLT

Ephesians 2 opens with a sobering statement …  Once you were dead, doomed forever because of your many sins. Death, here, speaks of a spiritual condition. There are different kinds of death. It is possible to be physically alive, but spiritually dead; just like it is possible to be emotionally or intellectually dead.

Many chafe at the suggestion that they deserve death because of {their} many sins. They see themselves as “good” and think that the Bible is intolerant and God is unfair in His judgements. No one wants to be told that they are dead in their sins.

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Mercy drops round us are falling.

How does it happen that certain songs or diddies, craziness go round and round in your head for days? I have been singing and thinking on the song, “Showers of Blessings,” for I think two weeks and trying to figure out what the significance of it might be for me. I am not sure I know that answer yet, and so I did a search on the author and reason for his writing it. I posted that information below for your information.

David Bartlett quoted in his blog about this song, Jeremiah 3:3, “Therefore, the showers have been withheld, and the spring rain has not come.” You can read his thoughts here,

I was wondering what mercy really is like. There is so much mercy given to us, have we become so familiar with it that we don’t really recognize it anymore as mercy! We don’t even deserve any mercy! Unmerited favor given because God loves us so much. As I think of this while writing I am prompted to put a thank you on the top of my morning prayer for the mercy given for another day to wake up and praise God. That is the blessing, all the mercy that drops around us! I shall plead in prayer for wisdom to see God’s mercy and remember to be thankful for each drop.


Whittle was named af­ter Amer­i­can pol­i­ti­cian Dan­i­el Web­ster. Whit­tle reached the rank of ma­jor in the Amer­i­can ci­vil war, and for the rest of his life was known as “Ma­jor” Whit­tle. Dur­ing the war, Whit­tle lost his right arm, and end­ed up in a pris­on­er of war camp. Re­cov­er­ing from his wounds in the hos­pi­tal, he looked for some­thing to read, and found a New Test­a­ment. Though its words res­o­nat­ed with him, he was still not rea­dy to ac­cept Christ. Short­ly af­ter, a hos­pit­al or­der­ly woke him and said a dy­ing pris­on­er want­ed some­one to pray with him. Whit­tle de­murred, but the or­der­ly said, “But I thought you were a Christ­ian; I have seen you read­ing your Bi­ble.” Whit­tle then agreed to go. He re­cord­ed what took place at the dy­ing youth’s bed side:

I dropped on my knees and held the boy’s hand in mine. In a few brok­en words I con­fessed my sins and asked Christ to for­give me. I be­lieved right there that He did for­give me. I then prayed ear­nest­ly for the boy. He be­came qui­et and pressed my hand as I prayed and plead­ed God’s prom­ises. When I arose from my knees, he was dead. A look of peace had come over his trou­bled face, and I can­not but be­lieve that God who used him to bring me to the Sav­ior, used me to lead him to trust Christ’s pre­cious blood and find par­don. I hope to meet him in hea­ven.

After the war, Whittle be­came trea­sur­er of the El­gin Watch Com­pany in Chi­ca­go, Ill­i­nois. In less than 10 years, though, he en­tered the evang­el­ism field. Dur­ing this per­i­od, he worked with mu­si­cians Phil­lip Bliss and James Mc­Gran­a­han. His daugh­ter May Moody al­so wrote mu­sic for some of his lyr­ics.

Of his de­ci­sion to de­vote his life to the Gos­pel, Whittle said that, while at work, he:

…went into the vault and in the dead si­lence of the qui­et­est of plac­es I gave my life to my Heav­en­ly Fa­ther to use as He would.


This so caught my attention! I feel like he left very little out, if anything. I have read this several times and shared it with the ladies at our ‘Prayer and Devotion’ on Tuesday. I admit many of those listed are not things I have actually thought of as a sin.  Woe is me, ye of little faith, who needs more direction.

 Confession ~

The Greek word translated “confess” literally means to agree with God about your sin. You agree that your sin violates His holiness and hinders your relationship with Him, and you respond accordingly–by repenting of it and turning from it.

This is also a good point in your prayer time to reaffirm your desire to live fully within the scope of His will (Isa. 59:1-2; 1 John 1:9-10).

An unknown Puritan reflected the essence of confession in this insightful prayer:

Merciful Lord,

Pardon all my sins of this day, week, year,

all the sins of my life,

sins of early, middle, and advanced years,

of omission and commission,

of morose, peevish and angry tempers,

of lip, life and walk,

of hard-heartedness, unbelief, presumption, pride,

of unfaithfulness to the souls of men,

of want of bold decision in the cause of Christ,

of deficiency in outspoken zeal for His glory,

of bringing dishonor upon Thy great name,

of deception, injustice, untruthfulness

in my dealings with others,

of impurity in thought, word, and deed,

of covetousness, which is idolatry,

of substance unduly hoarded, improvidently squandered,

not consecrated to the glory of Thee, the Great Giver;

sins in private and in the family, in study and recreation, in the busy haunts of men,

in the study of Thy Word and in the neglect of it,

in prayer irreverently offered and coldly withheld,

in time misspent, in yielding to Satan’s wiles,

in opening my heart to his temptations,

in being unwatchful when I know him nigh,

in quenching the Holy Spirit;

sins against light and knowledge,

against conscience and the restraints of Thy Spirit,

against the law of eternal love.

Pardon all my sins, known and unknown, felt and unfelt,

confessed and not confessed, remembered and forgotten.

Good Lord, hear; and hearing, forgive.

How fun!


I like me!

I read my ‘About’ page again tonight because I forgot some of what I said and perhaps to change it.  It made me smile and decide that I like it just the way it is!  TaDa!

l’m writing up something to share but in the morning I will add something that I’ve written previously and not shared yet.  

Blessings,   Marsha

Be blessed!

  • This evening I finally made the time and choices to get this blog created. Since there is a bit of a learning curve to WordPress things will rearrange periodically I am sure.
  • I’m hoping to add something at least once a week, if not more often or less.  That is vague, leaves room for error, the forgot syndrome, or perhaps life will get in the way as it seems to do often.
  • There are lots of things to learn during our life time and since I don’t have children to pass them down to I felt a need to send them to you in hopes that you will be blessed and pass them on to your friends, family and children.

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